Baja Health and Wellness Centre provides the Best community for you. Because we know cancer cannot be beaten alone.

Over the years Dr. Rogers and his team have treated thousands of patients with a combination of natural, biomedical and conventional treatments together called the Gerson Therapy that improves the immune system and reverse the harmful effects of our normal course of treatments for many diseases and conditions including cancer.


Why Gerson Plus?

The most trusted place in Mexico to help you heal the natural way. Want to know what makes us different?

Round the Clock Care

The trained staff at your disposal, 24x7, at Baja will truly make you feel at home and adhere to all your big or small requirements.

Someone to talk to

The community of patients are wholesome. They understand what you are going through and make you feel welcome and comfortable. You are not in this alone.

No Use of Conventional Medicine

Apart from your take-home medications, the treatment does not require any conventional medicine or treatment.


You have to live healthier. There are no two ways about it and we have to take you through it. It is our responsibility. We educate you along the process so that you know better once the therapy is complete.


After settling in, you’re bound to get out of the toxicity that delayed your process to regain control of your mind & energy. Not only that, you will make healthier choices thanks to the close monitoring of Dr Rogers and his staff of professionals.

Individualized Therapy Plans

Individualized therapy plans are designed for each patient on medical review of the patients medical history. We understand that not all patients are the same.

What we do?

The Magic of Gerson Therapy





The Gerson diet enables an individual to focus on the body’s key functional fluids and supplements by sticking to a diet that comprises low salt, organic fruits and a lot of vegetables. Approximately, an individual is supposed to drink 20 pounds of crushed fruits and vegetables (around 13 times in a day).


Wholesome food is good but simply not enough. To be able to absorb the right nutrients and enable your body parts to absorb the required nutrients you will need a variety of dietary supplements. Minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, and other such botanicals are a few types of supplements that your body needs to fight against the disease.


Enemas are rectal injections or fluids intended to cleanse your bowel or stimulate a similar process to keep your body protected from chronic diseases. Coffee enemas or castor-oil infused enemas work well in allegiance with the Gerson Therapy.

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Diseases we treat

Holistic comprehensive immunotherapy as practiced by Dr. Rogers is able to reverse chronic degenerative diseases.

Stephen Hawking Disease

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Dr. Dan Rogers

M.D., Ph.D. (4), N.M.D.

Dr Rogers has offered successful remedies and treatments with Gerson Therapy since 1978 to over hundreds of patients annually. An initial out-patient consultation with Dr. Rogers at Baja Health & Wellness Centre can probe the exact medical condition and medication required for you to be on track with your fitness The life changing GersonPlus/Rogers Therapy

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